Bout Recap: Grave Danger draws DLF blood, 156-85

After two terrifically successful expo bouts, the Rat City Rollergirls kicked of the 2011 league season with a pair of action-packed full-length bouts between the teams that you’ve come to love over the past seven seasons. 

Grave Danger's Tempura Tantrum lays a big block on DLF jammer Corre Caminos. Photo by Jules Doyle

 The first bout of the evening saw last year’s runners-up, Grave Danger, pitted against a Derby Liberation Front on the rise. The bout opened with a pair of 2011 Rat City All-Star jammers on the line: veteran Carmen Getsome in red against rookie Corre Caminos in green. DLF scored first with a quick 2-0 for Corre, but Grave Danger’s ReAnimate Her responded back with 3-0 over DLF’s Goodie Two Skates in jam 2. After an 8-8 in jam 3 (with a jammer swap to boot), Grave Danger ignited their offense, locked down their defense, and went on a merciless 9 jam 60-3 run. The Danger packs were consistent and unyielding, with heavy defense led by sHedonist, Muffstache and Nikole Plated. Along with the usual suspects on the jammer line, Grave Danger’s Shorty Ounce, quickly becoming one of the league’s top utility players, scored a 15-0 jam during that run. 

DLF blocker Know Mercy making a run for Grave Danger jammer Georgia O'Grief. Photo by Jules Doyle

With about 10 minutes to go in the half, DLF capitalized on a boxed Danger jammer to start their own 17-8 run. Kitty Kamikaze, Corre Caminos, Goodie Two Skates, and DLF rookies Lucinda Pack and AviHater all put up points during that streak to close the half 81-30. 

DLF came out of the break on fire with a 4-0 by Corre Caminos and a strong 7-0 by Lucinda Pack. However, by jam 3, Danger’s blockers were out of the penalty box revolving door and the full pack of blockers—Sara Problem, Carmen Getsome, Scarlet Leather, and sHedonist—were able to force a major on the DLF jammer, and control the light DLF pack, (two blockers also spent time in the box) to create a power jam for ReAnimate Her. ReAnimate Her’s five scoring passes were the start of another dominant Danger run: 43-5, taking the score to 124-46. 

Lucinda Pack jamming for the Derby Liberation Front. Photo by Jules Doyle.

Despite the clock ticking down and the gap widening, DLF kept fighting. The Rat City revolutionaries turned up their offense and tightened up their defense, with strong packs led by Glitter and Foxy Throwdown and impressive play by rookies Rumble Fist and Seditious Heart. DLF continued to mix up their jammer lineups, adding veteran blocker Ivana Clobber to the rotation with some success. However, it seemed that every advance was answered by the team in red. Grave Danger had the edge in experience—both in playing the game and playing together—and while DLF showed huge strides, it wasn’t enough this time. Final score, Grave Danger 156- Derby Liberation Front 85.
Both teams awarded MVP to their opponents’ most relentless blockers: Katarina Whip for Grave Danger and Glitter for DLF.
The next home team matchups are at our May 14 bout. Grave Danger plays the Sockit Wenches and Derby Liberation Front plays the Throttle Rockets. In April, come see the Rat City All-Stars play the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls and the Rain of Terror face off against the Denver Roller Dolls’ Bruising Altitude. Tickets are available online now!