Rat City Roller Derby is an all volunteer-run member-owned league with guidance from a peer-selected Board of Directors. We require major internal and external support systems to do what we do!

From making our sport happen, to helping with running our business, the talented people that are involved to get the work done cannot be thanked enough!

Skating Officials

Skating Officials, aka Referees, aka Rat Finks: The game of Flat Track Roller Derby is much easier to understand when you know what the Official Referees are saying. You will find all the calls you will see at an official bout on the WFTDA website.

Non-Skating Officials

Non-Skating Officials, aka Lightning Fists of Science: The Lightning Fists of Science are a highly trained multi-disciplinary task force dedicated to the pursuit of pure derby data. Working from a hidden laboratory somewhere in the greater Seattle area, these renegade academics are some of the most dangerous minds in derby today.

Volunteer Care Providers

Volunteer Care Providers: Rat City Roller Derby is so very thankful to our volunteer emergency medical technicians, physical therapists, doctors, registered nurses, chiropractors, and others who graciously volunteer their time and skill to help ensure skater safety.


The folks with all the (non-skating) gear who spend countless hours and resources making our skaters, volunteers, and fans look good! Here are some of the amazing artists who have volunteered with us.


Announcers: Wondering what’s going on during the bout? They give you the play by-play and are the seriously funny and wonderfully knowledgeable announcers of Rat City Roller Derby. They work hard both behind the scenes and literally, behind the track, to make sure to point out all the important things occurring during our roller derby bouts.