Goodie Two Skates

Goodie Two Skates, #8
Derby Liberation Front
Joined in season 7
Transferred from Rose City Rollergirls
2011 All-Star Team

Height: 5’5

Favorite Position: Offense.

Likes: Love skating outdoors-anything Grape flavor- saving money-the color Blue- turning enemies into friends- laughing and picking you up when you’re low!

Dislikes: Disliking things…

Injuries: Two broken clavicles, broke both wrists twice, broken radial head and continue to bust-down my pride every practice!

Motto: ….”return their harm by helping them.”

Favorite Music: Anything hard & fast!

Favorite Drink: Coconut water and Grape Sodas.

Awards: Three MVP awards 2006-2008-2010; 2005 Most likely to puke at your practice; 2007 Most likely to disappear in a foreign country, 2008 Most likely to hit when you’re not looking; 2007 RCR Heartless Ho Award

Inspired completely in 2004 by the Phoenix Renegades Roller Derby, Goodie began skating the streets of Portland, Oregon in alleyways- under bridges-bike lanes, and in every possible skateboard park she could find. She soon discovered roller derby was being formed in Portland and in 2005 became an original member of the WFTDA’s Rose City Rollers. Goodie’s interest branched into skating co-ed derby in 2006 and banked track derby in 2007 She remains on the roster of both Team Awesome and Team Legit- two national banked track training and challenge teams. She is accredited in the start and continued training of the Emerald City Rollergirls, Lava City Roller Dolls, and Men’s Roller Derby- The Lane County Concussions. Ms. Two Skates has been honored in teaching roller skating with multiple leagues in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Ohio, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Hawaii and Vancouver B.C.