League Structure

Rat City supports skaters at various points in their derby careers, beginning with our training team, Maul Rats, our recreational team, Mischief, progressing on to one of our three Home Teams, with the most elite players playing for WFTDA rankings via the All Stars Program.

Rat City Roller Derby is made up of three home teams: the revolutionary skaters in olive, Derby Liberation Front; the hell-fiery, nightmarish Grave Danger; and intergalactic dominators, the Throttle Rockets. RCRD previously had a fourth team, the rock ‘em, sock ‘em hot rod mechanic Sockit Wenches, which was retired after the pandemic.

Rat City All Stars

As the home season finishes up, the best from the league come together to make up Rat City’s travel teams. Our All-Star Program selects a limited number of skaters, and from there we form the Rat City All-Stars, made up of the top skaters in the league, and the Rain of Terror (our B-Team), which features up-and-coming skaters.

These teams compete against a wide selection of other leagues in the region, nation, and even internationally! Watching them in action guarantees you the opportunity to see roller derby action at its peak!


Introduced in 2010, the Mischief is our special training ground for future superstars of Rat City Roller Derby! It has produced exciting skaters and the next fan favorite may be right around the corner.

Officials & Support Team

We are supported by an incredible crew of officials, medics, announcers, photographers, and bout-day volunteers.

Rat City Roller Derby is an all volunteer-run member-owned league with guidance from a peer-
selected Board of Directors. We require major internal and external support systems to do what we do! From making our sport happen, to helping with running our business, the talented people that are involved to get the work done cannot be thanked enough!