Glitter, #319

Derby Liberation Front

Joined in season 7

Transferred from Santa Cruz Derby Girls

2011 All-star Team

Height: 5’7 3/4″

Favorite Position: Contrary to yours.

Likes:Drag queens, chandeliers, really good maple syrup, print making, competition, pontificating the necessity of NASA, redwoods, oppulence, magpies, dioramas, sloths, mobiles, instincts, the Midwest, being too much to contain, and sparkly shiny things.

Dislikes: Matte finish. Mushrooms. Whiners. The mercy rule.

Injuries: Stress fracture in my right foot, Hoffa Syndrome in my right knee requiring surgery, chronic facet joint issues, and the repetitive and incredibly painful losing of my right big toenail.

Motto: Revolution is but thought carried into action. (Emma Goldman)

Favorite Music: Early 90s mix tapes.

Favorite Drink: Triple Americano with cream and one raw sugar, preferably from Stumptown.

Awards: 2011 Season: Bout 3 DLF MVP; Highest Attendance; Most Assists

Bio: Born out of the collision of a tornado and a glitter factory.