Bout Recap: Bay Area over Rat City All-Stars 103-92

Considering the green, purple, green, gold (and did we mention GREEN?) in the house and calls of “Show us your hits,” it was a veritable Mardi Gras in Seattle for Rat City’s April bout! After the exciting Rain of Terror (green)/ Bruising Altitude (purple), the Rat City All-Stars (green) were about to face off against the Bay Area Derby Girls (BAD) All-Stars (gold) before a thundering crowd (GREEN!) eager to see the team’s Key Arena debut. Of course, no beads would be given out tonight, just a W for one of the teams to count toward WFTDA’s Western Region ranking.

Carmen Getsome tries to break a pack as thick as pea soup. ReAnimateHer, Shorty Ounce, and Sirius Mischief blocking. Photo by Jules Doyle.

Two whistles blew and Carmen Getsome was off against BAD’s Astronaughty. Bay Area was the first to score with a quick 3-0. Carmen was back on the track in jam 3 putting up an 8-0 run (with the help of blockers X-Khan, Glitter, Shedonist, and ReAnimateHer) before getting sent to the box at the end of the jam. BAD quickly made up those points the next time on the track, capitalizing on the power jam opportunity with an 8-1 run, making the second lead change of the game. Score 11-9, Bay Area.

Just 10minutes in, the tone for the bout was already set—tight defense on both sides allowing only razor-thin differential and capitalizing on power jam opportunities. Because of two Bay Area 10-0 runs, the scoreboard didn’t reflect how close the game was. Score 60-30, Bay Area, end of the first half.

From the skybox perch, one might guess that the Rat City All-Stars’ halftime talk was an epic reminder that green means go. Within 10 minutes of the second half’s first whistle, Rat City had retaken the lead in a 6 jam, 35-4 run, with Carmen Getsome, Kamikaze Kim, and ReAnimateHer putting points on the board. Aggressive blocking was led by Hard Cora, X-Khan, and Wile E. Peyote and the front of the pack was kept on lockdown by stalwarts Juliet Bravo, Valtron 3000, and Primp Daddy. Score 65-64, Rat City, 20 minutes left in the second half.

Sirius Mischief, Kamikaze Kim, and Valtron 3000 simultaneously hold the Bay Area jammer while allowing Corre Caminos to get out of the pack. Photo by Jules Doyle.

But almost as soon as soon as the Rat City All-Stars figured out how to unlock the BAD Girl defense (and getting up to an 8 point lead) the girls in gold were at it again—with Demanda Riot and belleRIGHThooks playing the roles of mad dog and human wrecking ball (respectively), and Auntie Christ a brutal last line of defense. Add to that a 21-point run by Bay Area jammers Ivy Profane and Astronaughty drove another lead change. Score 89-76, Bay Area with about 10 minutes to go.

The back and forth continued as the clock wound down: 3-1 for Bay Area, 5-0 for Rat City, 4-0 BAD, 4-3 BAD, 0-0 (equipment failure). With 3 minutes to go and an 11-point deficit, Juliet Bravo scored another 5-0 for 98-92 BAD, to make it in reach in one more jam (after 58 minutes of this game, only the most fervent optimist would say a double digit differential was still really in one jam’s reach). Disappointingly for the 5,000+ Rat City fans who’d been abusing their vocal chords for the past 3 hours, Bay Area’s Astronaughty was quickly called lead. For insurance (as scoreboards are known to lie mid-jam), she went for a scoring pass after the period clock had ran out, ending the game 103-92, Bay Area.

MVPs were named to Rat City’s Wile E. Peyote and Bay Area’s Demanda Riot.

Rat City All-Stars: Carmen Getsome// Corre Caminos// Glitter// Hard Cora// Juliet Bravo// Kamikaze Kim// Primp Daddy// ReAnimateHer// sHedonist// Shorty Ounce// Sirius Mischief// Valtron 3000// Wile E. Peyote// X-Khan// Bench Coaches: Ho Chi Danh & Ima Handful

Bay Area Derby Girls All-Stars: Astronaughty// Auntie Christ// belleRIGHThooks// BooYaYa!// Brawllen Angel// Chantilly Mace// Demanda Riot// Friskie Meow// Ivy Profane// Lusty Malice// Slaybia Majora// Sugar Pusher// Trixie Pixie// Velveteen Savage// Bench Coaches: G$ & Moxxxie