Hard Cora

Hard Cora, #247
Throttle Rockets
Joined in 2012
Transferred from Angel City Derby Girls

Height: 6’0

Favorite Position: Blocker. I dare you to take the inside.

Likes: Travel, Adventure, My Pitbull, Good art, Coffee, LA, Road trips, Graffiti, Poetry slams, Pegadeth, Funny derby names, Killah Kelly and the combination that is HardKillah!

Dislikes:Liars, Cheaters, Unicorns, and People who are fake.

Injuries: Front teeth knocked out on the LADD track. PCL tear in right knee.

Favorite Music: I like it all…. and I am not afraid to sing it poorly and loudly…. especially on a road trip!

Favorite Drink: HardKillah

Awards: 2008 Angel City-Hardest Hitter,Season 7, Most Improved Penalties (RCRG All Stars)