Wii video Game featuring Rat City Rollergirls Released January 24th

Jam City Rollergirls, the first video game officially licensed by the WFTDA, will be available for download starting January 24th on Nintendo’s WiiWare. Gamers can compete in wild and entertaining environments as their favorite derby skaters on actual WFTDA teams.

The sport of women’s roller derby is exploding in popularity, and its best athletes are gaining recognition around the world. Have you ever wanted to skate as a Rat City Rollergirl, a Texecutioner, or a Gotham Girl? Roll in the skates of Rat City All-Star  Valtron 3000 or Rat City Alumni Ann R. Kissed, Burnett Down, Miss Fortune, D-Bomb or Rettig to Rumble. This game lets anyone be on their favorite team or be their favorite skater for a few laps around the track. Or, create your own custom skater and progress through a variety of entertaining levels and venues as you skate through a season.

Developed by punk rock game developer and modern derby lovers Frozen Codebase, JAM CITY ROLLERGIRLS™ is the groundbreaking, history-making, first ever women’s flat track roller derby video game!

Roller derby is an extraordinarily athletic endeavor with intense excitement and real competition with a bold and brash edge. Jam City Rollergirls, with its explosive graphics and creative twists and charismatic characters, reflects that the extreme team sport of roller derby is both serious and fun.