Throttle Rockets hand Sockit Wenches another "L"

by Mark Sprain

It was a close bout for a half. The Sockit Wenches fell behind, came back, trailed by 16 to the Throttle Rockets as the first 30 minutes of play ended last Saturday, April 11, at the Rat’s Nest.


However, they are still the Sockit Wenches, a team looking for its first win of the season, struggling with injuries, consistency, and endurance.

By the end of the second half it was 210-130 in favor of the TRs, who evened their season at 3-3.

Wenches jammer Sun Shiner (#36) sprinted through Rockets blockers Ella Whirled (#47) and Deva (#509) to open the bout. She scored 22 quick points. But the Wenches are a team with the bad habit of going long stretches without collecting any points. Ahead 22-0 they were blanked over the next five jams, only scored six more over the next twelve, at which stage they trailed 68-28. Vishus Trollope (#106) never got out of the pack a couple jams after Sun Shiner’s opening run. Her efforts were blocked and recycled by TR skaters Parker Eyeout (#070), Liberty Bell Ringer (#76) and Khaos Theory (#13). Meanwhile TR jammer Xena (#5) took the lead in three steps, weaving her way to 14 in the same jam.

Go-to jammer Sister Slaughter (#480) was also frustrated by the TRs. In this case Missile America (#321) and ABomb N ABull (#73) made sure she was blanked in her first appearance.


Both jammers made runs near the end of the half. Sister Slaughter scored 12 and Vishus Trollope managed 16 as the half closed even though her team was on the short side of a 3-5 power jam. That run made it a respectable 93-77. TRs not only had the lead, they also led in penalties, 21-16. By the end of the bout penalty calls had evened out, 40 for the Wenches and 39 for TRs.


Jammer Ethel Vermin (#77) ducked under Wenches blocker Tia Wrecks (#65) for five of the 16 points she scored early in the second half but paid a price when Wrecks put a big hit on her later in the jam. Ethel called the jam after being blasted off the track.

Over the opening eight jams the Sockit Wenches passed for 22 points. TRs were adding 71 in the same span, at which point it was 164-99, the outcome no longer in question.


The same two teams will meet in the Grudge Match as the home season ends Saturday, April 25, at KeyArena.


Mad ScrapHer (#5150) was voted Most Valuable Opponent by the Throttle Rockets. The Sockit Wenches selected Khaos Theory as their Most Valuable Opponent.


Ethel Vermin had 65 of the TR points. Missile America added 57, Xena, 52, and Shock Therapy (#1400v), 36. Scoring for the Sockit Wenches was evenly spread between four skaters. Sun Shiner had 38, Sister Slaughter, 35, Winter Scoming (#1221), 33 and Vishus Trollope, 24.