Throttle Rockets, Grave Danger stay undefeated in 2011 home season

Throttle Rocket Killah Kelly demonstrates that having long hair gives proof that you're going FAST. Photo by Jules Doyle.

On May 14, the second bout for the 2011 home season standings, Grave Danger and the Throttle Rockets brought home wins.

In the early bout, the Throttle Rockets faced a serious challenge from the Derby Liberation Front. The bout was fiercely contended until the last jam, with the TR’s taking it 122-112. DLF awarded MVP to Killah Kelly and the TRs awarded MVP to rookie Avihater.

In the second bout of the evening, Grave Danger defeated the Sockit Wenches. The bout was neck-and-neck in the first half, but the Danger had control in the second half with a final score was 114-58. The Sockit Wenches awarded MVP to Georgia O’Grief and Grave Danger awarded MVP to X-Khan.

Our next season play bout is in June. Come see the undefeated Throttle Rockets and Grave Danger face off and the Wenches and DLF both gunning for their first season-play win! Tickets are on sale now!