Thank you to everyone who donated to save our home!

Save Rat City

*last updated 11/22 at 1 pm

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Henry Doyle

Sun Shiner

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Cynthia Bartok

Timothy Clemensen

Sarah & Jesse Duncan

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Tina Albedyll

Eric Clark

Lindsey Matetich

Peg McDaniel

Dianna Phillips

Rodeo City Rollergirls

Jessica Tobin

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Matt Aalfs

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Liz Argall

Bob Ayers

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Jean DiFilippo

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Jessica Dyson

Dan Eernissee

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Jessie Giordano

Naomi Grigg

Billierose Hair

Carrie Hall

Hanna Hanseroth

Scott Harrison

Nicholas Hart

Jenny Hill

Emily Himmelright

Jill Hoven

Nancy Jones

Gillian Jorgensen

Keith Kezama

John Kilhoffer

Kinetic Physical Therapy

Koichi Kitazumi

Rani Khan

Travis Kiser

Ann Krome

Nona Larson

Barbara Lau

Sieglinde Levery-Nicholas

Philip Loh

Steve Manghi

Marki Markitup

Robin Marsh

Kiley McCarthy

Mike McClure

Michelle McDaniel

Jeanne McGrady

Chris McKenzie

Virginia McKenzie

Mark McVeety

Janet McVey

Jill “Nye” McVey

Sirius Mischief

Teeny Mussolini

Will Muto

Brandon O’Connor

David Oh

Kirsten O’Malley

Deanna Osowski

Theano Petersen

Scott Reed

Loren Riccio

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Lauri Serafin

Mark Serafin

Becky Sheets

Mason Sherry

Dovie Sigle

Jo Simmons

Phoebe Smith

TBone Steak

Jeff Sutro

Tracy Taylor

Amber Tuller

Daniel Turner

Ashley Turner

M.O. Vroom

Michael Wellborn

Michelle West

Yiling Wong

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Richard Adams

Stephanie Ahrensfeld

Jeffrey Alvarez

Megan Anderson

Sarah Bacon

Bangers & Smash

Paige Barger

Bill Barnum

Kathleen Beahn

Elliot Bell

Maya Bell

Sarah Bettis

Jim and ML Bishop

Chris Bell

Chris Bogdan

Wayne Border

Laura Bradley

Dean Brown

Kayla Brown

James Cartwright

Christopher Chaddick

Katie Cort

Tyler Corwin

Germaine D’Anniballe

Michelle Davis

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Iris Dimmick

Bernie Dobson

Else Duff

Genevieve Dunaway

Sarah Duncan

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Max Erickson

Liberty Failor

Lori Faulkner

Lori and Jeff Faulkner

Sharon Fetter

Ashley Fisher

Peter Fleetwood

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Jason Forward

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Cheryl Fuller

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Abigail Garratt

Jeremy Goodman

Tammy Goolsbey

Curt Gould

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Alisha Helton

Nathan Hill

Jennifer Humann

Relan Johanson

Louise Johnson

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Jamie Kowatch

George & Marjorie Kraemer

Nina Kuster

Jason Lail

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Amy Lietz

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Stephanie “STEFCON 1” Azores

Sarah Balz

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Natalia Fior

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Doctor Puzzle

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William Ray


Whitney Richardson

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Heather Rogers

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Talya Scott

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Sam (Clemenstein 1818) Stowell


Amber Thrasher

Track Monkeys Of The LA Derby Dolls

Katie Tiehen

A. Whitener

Audrey Wood

Penny Wright

Lisa Young

Devin Zieger

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Ahmed Al Awadhi

Chuck Anderson

Lindy Boustedt

Tanya Chan

Caroline Cunningham

Christina Easley

Andrew Gall

Tempest Grende

Sarah Harris

Clifford McCloe

Kelan McGrady

Melissa Medeiros

Jen Miller

Brittney Neidhardt-Gruhl

Jonny Rogers

Robby Rutherford

Maria Steinrueck

T Money

Angie Thibault

Selina Urena

Season 10 league photo with skaters, officials, coaches, mascots, and alumni
Season 10 league photo with skaters, officials, coaches, mascots, and alumni (Photo by Danny Ngan)

Why We Need Your Help:

Our league is in trouble and dangerously close to losing our home. Due to the harsh economic climate and waning ticket sales across sports venues city-wide, we have been having a harder and harder time making ends meet. Our practice space in Shoreline serves the entire local skating community; but our rent is high. Our training programs meet the needs of skaters, from youth to adult; but our dues and drop-in fees alone cannot keep up with the costs of running our business. We have been working hard to evaluate our structure and take steps towards maintaining our community contributions while becoming financially stable in this new environment.

Our Long Term Plans:
We’ve transitioned back to a fully volunteer-run league, bringing the finances, marketing, and business back to the hands of the skaters. We are also continuing our community partnerships by renting out our home to many other local leagues for both practices and games. We’ve scaled back our Key Arena productions and are focusing time and energy on making the Rat’s Nest a home for most of our season bouts. We are also refocusing our marketing, sponsorships and fundraising to successful and repeatable campaigns that allow for consistent and year-round support.

How You Can Help:
While we have plans to help our league thrive in the long term, we still need a short term jump start to turn our strategies into reality. We are reaching out to our communities, our friends, and our families to ask for help. As an organization, we have learned a lot from these difficult times. But in order to implement change, and to keep improving and expanding our incredible athletic program, we need short-term financial assistance.  No donation is too big or too small.

Your Contributions:
By helping us out, we want to make you a part of our family. With each donation, we have some special gifts that you can receive, including a limited edition Save Rat City t-shirt!