Sockit Wenches win Season 7 Charity Bout

Over 6,000 fans packed KeyArena to watch the Sockit Wenches win the largest purse for their charity Queer Youth Space in the Season 7 Opening Charity Bout. Team matches were initially determined by the 2010 Season 6 standings. In the first two bouts, Grave Danger beat the Throttle Rockets (59-31), and the Sockit Wenches eeked out a win against Derby Liberation Front (74-64). In the match for third and forth place, the Throttle Rockets skated to victory over DLF (83-25). In a nail biter of a last match, Sockit Wenches took home first place by beating Grave Danger (52-49)

1. Sockit Wenches for Queer Youth Space
2. Grave Danger for Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center
3. Throttle Rockets for Young Survival Coalition
4. Derby Liberation Front for 826 Seattle

Read a more detailed bout recap by Tom George at

Missile America maintains stays in bounds on one foot (photos by Jules Doyle).
GD Jammer Carmen Getsome calls off the jam mid-roll (photos by Jules Doyle).