Sibling Rivalry 2.0-- Rat City gets 2 wins over Rose City

Everyone loves encores, even when they’re 170-odd miles away. In a repeat of February’s Rat City-Rose City Home-Team 4×4, all four Rat City home teams travelled down to Portland for an 8-team, 4-bout rematch. All bouts were “mini-bouts”, so just one 30-minute period each to maximize the interleague action!

Like February, the results were split 2-2, so it seems that these two sister leagues might not ever grow out of their rivalry…

Bout 1:
Breakneck Betties 65
Derby Liberation Front 51
DLF MVP: Ann R. Kissed

Bout 2:
Throttle Rockets 84
Guns n Rollers 40
TR MVP: Missile America

Bout 3:
Grave Danger 88
Heartless Heathers 23
Danger MVP: Re-AnimateHer

Bout 4:
High Rollers 60
Sockit Wenches 29
Wenches MVP: Juliet Bravo

The Rat City Rollergirls are back at the Key Arena on May 14 with a home-team double header! The Throttle Rockets take on Derby Liberation Front and the Sockit Wenches face Grave Danger!  Tickets are on sale now!