Season 7 Team Preview: Throttle Rockets

With less than a week before the first Season 7 league-play bouts, your intrepid Rat City reporters talked with members of all four home teams to get a sense of how they’ve been getting ready for the 2011 season. Throttle Rockets Co-Captain Fighty Almighty took a few minutes to tell RCRG fans what our intergalactic warriors have been up to lately. The Throttle Rockets play the Sockit Wenches in the late bout of our March 19 doubleheader. Get your tickets now!

Sirius Mischief and Missile America laying heavy defense on the Guns & Rollers jammer in the February 4x4 against Rose City. Photo by Jules Doyle

The Throttle Rockets, affectionately dubbed “The Raiders of Roller Derby,” may be strangers to the championship title, but all of that is about to change. Returning all-stars such as Valtron 3000 (in her seventh season as a TR) and Captain Sirius Mischief add serious gravity to the team’s blocking and jamming. Add to those slickly experienced veterans and a dangerous rookie contingent, including Season 7 Bout 1 (January 2011) MVP recipient Missile America and newcomer Luna Negra, and you have some explosive jamming possibilities. The TRs scored some additional jammer fuel with the recent addition Eva Dead, a seasoned transfer skater from Chicago’s Windy City Rollers.

Throttle Rocket Co-Captain Fighty Almighty with a big hit on the Guns & Rollers jammer in the February 4x4 against Rose City. Photo by Joe Rollerfan

The roster also includes stalwarts like Fighty Almighty and Killah Kelly, a recent transfer from Maui’s Pacific Rollergirls, who are ready and willing to alternately pound out some hits or don the star. The TRs heavy hitters include veterans Slutnik, Hard Cora, and QuarterBoy, who offer a defensive reckoning that few can pass while remaining upright. Former Throttle Rocket Dirty Little Secret (coach) and Lexi Luthor (bench manager and former NSO who crossed over to the dark side) will be on the bench, keeping the TR Machine well-oiled and focused on the prize: The 2011 Championship.

For fans who can’t get enough intergalactic action, the Throttle Rockets are playing the Oly Rollers’ Dropkick Donnas on March 26 in Skateland in Olympia, WA. Tickets are on sale now!