Season 7 Team Preview: Sockit Wenches

Oh gosh! Our Rat City Rollergirls league season starts TOMORROW! Your intrepid RCRG reporters talked with members of all four home teams to get a sense of how they’ve been getting ready for the 2011 season. Ima Handful from the Sockit Wenches took a few minutes to tell RCRG fans what the league sweetheart have been up to lately. The Sockit Wenches play the Throttle Rockets in the late bout of our March 19 doubleheader. Get your tickets now! 

The 2011 Sockit Wenches are all smiles during team introductions. Photo by Mama Getsome

Welcome Sockit Wenches Pit Crew to an amazing 2011 season! Fueled by their Season 6 Championship title, the Sockit Wenches have trained in overdrive: learning new strategy, scrimmaging teams across the Northwest and pushing themselves to be smarter, faster and hit harder!
The Wenches are proud to welcome three fantastic new additions to their roster: Squirrel!, ShanPain, and Raspberry Slam. ShanPain comes to the Wenches from neighboring league Tilted Thunder and brings with her fantastic banked track experience. All of our fresh meat have worked night and day to prepare for a Sockit Wench joyride.
Sockit Wenches on the rise this 2011 season include names you’ve seen but now you’ll never forget. Trouble Loves Mimi is the newest Wench to make the All-Star Team and already has stellar blocking statistics against solid teams like Portland and Denver. Ima Handful is proud to be the assistant coach of the All-Star Team as well as a trusted Wench jammer and blocker. Additionally, a number of our Wenches have become Rain of Terror standouts and you’ll see this in home season play: Penny Racer with her jamming and blockers Sevier, Belle Tolls, and Caddie Smack.

Rebel Belle, Moe Ya Down, and Penny Racer play heavy defense against the High Roller jammer in February's bout.

Of course, the Sockit Wenches wouldn’t be the same without veteran All Star and Rain of Terror skaters including Clobberin’ Mame, Rebel Belle, Shovey Chase, Juliet Bravo, X-Khan and MoeYa Down. These Wenches have stood the test of time and are guaranteed to get your engines running with their speed, focus and talent.
The Sockit Wenches will be missing some of their most tried and true girls in orange and blue due to injury. The team is wishing Anya Heels, Ima Handful, Sugar N. CreamHer and Claranioa speedy recoveries as they face rough injuries like concussion, ALC tears and a jaw fracture.
This Wenches are outfitted in racy new uniforms and helmets sponsored by Uptown Espresso. They can’t wait to break them in with some blood, sweat and tears. Help cheer the Wenches on with new merch like our exclusive, all-natural hoodies.
Want to help the Wenches with their derby dreams of playing the Paradise Rollergirls in Hawaii?  Check out their fundraiser at ReBar, April 9th. Come dance to sweet 80s tunes, show off your best 80s threads and rub shoulders with the sweethearts of roller derby, the Sockit Wenches. Watch out Rat City, Sockit Wenches… Sockit To Ya!