Season 7 Team Preview: Derby Liberation Front

With less than a week before the first Season 7 league-play bouts, your intrepid Rat City reporters talked with members of all four home teams to get a sense of how they’ve been getting ready for the 2011 season. Derby Liberation Front’s Foxy Throwdown and Kitty Kamikaze took a few minutes to tell RCRG fans what the revolutionaries have been up to lately. Derby Liberation Front plays Grave Danger in the early bout of our March 19 doubleheader. Get your tickets now!

Make no mistake, Derby Liberation Front is coming out swinging – figuratively, of course, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be gentle. From back-to-back season champions to the league’s underdog, we’ve seen it all, and we’re back to show you what revolution is all about. Somewhere between a bloodless coup and out-and-out guerilla warfare, we’ve rediscovered the magic combination of teamwork, off-skates training, and the on-skates ass-kicking you know and love.

Coach Ho Chi Danh gives Know Mercy a high-five after a good jam. Photo by Jules Doyle.
But who is DLF? Co-Captains are Kitty Kamikaze, boasting her 7th season with DLF with 3 seasons as a Rat City All-Star, and Yoko Onoud’int, a Rain of Terror skater who won MVP in her first game. With Ho Chi Danh returning as coach and original DLF captain Ida Slapter running the bench, DLF’s veteran line-up is as solid as our walls on the track. Powerhouses Cassassin, Foxy Throwdown, and Ivana Clobber, known for their tenacity in defense and sneak attacks on offense, lead the pack of returning skaters with Libby Raider, BomBarb, Flamin’ Ginger, Know Mercy, and Domino Scarvy.

You’ll also notice a lot of new faces on the track. This year’s rookies are Annie Warhead, AviHater, Lucinda Pack, Rumble Fist, and Seditious Heart, and all have proven their worth from the start. Rumble has crazy derby instincts and an innate ability to play with her team. Sid and Lucy have a fire inside of them and there’s no end to their intensity and aggression. Warhead and Hater bring speed and determination to their game, and their learning curves shows no signs of leveling off. Keep an eye out on these women during this season. You WILL be impressed.

Foxy Throwdown holding down the front of the pack in the January bout. Photo by Narra
A crew of transfer skaters have also joined DLF and also snagged spots as Rat City All-Stars. Corre Caminos, formerly of the O-Town Derby Dames; Glitter, formerly of Jet City Rollergirls and Santa Cruz Derby Girls; Goodie Two Skates, formerly of the Rose City Rollers; and Method of Madness, from the Salt City Derby Girls; have all helped keep DLF’s foundation solid. Corre has stunned fans with her poise and incredible ability to skate through big hits and suddenly clear the pack with a smile on her face. Method is a utility-player force, and hands down one of the most determined athletes on the league. Goodie and Glitter don’t know what it means to quit and prove time and time again that they give everything they have to their team.

We’re ready for this season. We hope you are. Never underestimate the power of the revolution. Stay tuned for DLF team events because we love to hang with our fans, and be sure to grab a brand new DLF track jacket on the way into the bout!