Season 6 Wreck-Ignition Awards

At the end of each season, Rat City honors it’s skaters, refs, NSOs and volunteers with an annual “prom” and awards ceremony. On December 5th, the following awards were given out.

Statistical Awards:
(winners in bold, statistics in parentheses)

Most Penalties – Morning Gory (44), Comet Atcha (41), ReAnimateHer (38)
Highest Scoring Jammer – ReAnimatHer (203), Carmen Getsome (173), Valtron 3000 (164)
Most Jammer Force Outs – Carmen Getsome (11), Juliet Bravo (10), Wile E. Peyote (10)
Most Hits On Jammers – Sirius Mischief (40), Anya Heels (34), Juliet Bravo (29)
Most Jammer Knockdowns – Anya Heels (14), Hard Cora (9), Skate Trooper (7)
Most Offensive Blocks – Skate Trooper (20), Sirius Mischief (19), Comet Atcha (18)
Most Offensive Knockdowns – Kamikaze Kim (8), Carmen Getsome (7), Drea the Slaya (5)
Most Lead Jammer Status – Carmen Getsome (33), ReAnimateHer (29), Jalepeno Business (18)

League Vote:
(winners in bold, * indicates a tie)

NSO of the year – Lexi Luthor, Dolemout, Ruby
Volunteer of the year – Megatron, Jules Doyle, Chris White
Coach of the year – Ho Chi Dan, Sheeza Brickhouse, Drew Blood
Least Hated Ref – Curtis E Lay, Sir Osis, Seymoure Carnage
Rookie of the year (First season skater) – Shorty Ounce, Yoko Onoud’nt, Missile America
DLF MVP – Kamikaze Kim, Ann R. Kissed, Kitty Kamikaze
DLF Most Motivational – Kitty Kamikaze, Skate Trooper, Foxy Throwdown
GD MVP – Carmen Getsome, Katarina Whip, Georgia O’Grief
GD Most Motivational – Katarina Whip, Sheeza Brickhouse, Muffstashe
SW MVP – Jalepeno Business, Anya Heels, Juliet Bravo
SW Most Motivational – Shovey Chase, Sugar N. Creamher, Raven Mad
TR MVP – Valtron 3000, Primp Daddy, Dee Troit
TR Most Motivational – Sirius Mischief, Betty Ford Galaxy, La Petite Mort
AST MVP – Carmen Getsome, Primp Daddy, Valtron 3000
*AST Most Motivational – Ima Handful & Primp Daddy, Carmen Getsome

Smelliest Gear – Libby Raider, X-Khan, Ann R. Kissed
Grossest Mouth Guard – Betty Ford Galaxy, Star Struck, Clobber
Best Booty – Shorty Ounce, Primp Daddy, Bravo
Crowd Favorite – Anya Heels, ReAnimateMater, Betty Ford Galaxy
Most Diligent Forum user – Foxy Throwdown, Fighty Almighty, Sara Problem
Most Improved – Muffstache, Trouble Loves Mimi
*Nicest Rack – Jalepeno Business & Sheeza Brickhouse, Morning Gory
Miss Congeniality – Katarina Whip, Trouble Loves Mimi, Anya Heels
*SAB (Scary A$$ Bitch) – Georgia O’Grief & ReAnimateHer, Anya Heels
Biggest After-partier – Valtron 3000, Sheeza Brickhouse, Sirius Mischief
Best After-Party Dancer – Shorty Ounce, X-Khan, Sheeza Brickhouse