Roller Derby Name Contest!

Think Betty Ford Galaxy is out of this world? Wonder why Trouble Loves Mimi? Then this is the contest for you! Come up with the most creative roller derby name, submit it here, and hope you win a basket of AWESOME from the Rat City Rollergirls!

Think it’s easy? Think again. With over 26,600 registered derby names you’re going to have to get creative and show us what you’re made of. We promise to do the same when the lucky winner gets 4 free tickets to our All-Star and Rain of Terror (the best of the rest) bout April 16th at the KeyArena. Not only will you see the All-Star’s take on the San Francisco Bay Area Derby Girls but our Rain of Terror team will throw down against the Denver Roller Dolls’ Bruising Altitude in what’s sure to be a night of fast-action, hard-hitting, and high-scoring roller derby.

The lucky winner also gets 4 vouchers for Rat City league merchandise, extra RCRG swag and a 2011 Chinook Book! Need some inspiration? Check out our current player names for ideas then enter your derby name and hope you’re the lucky winner! The contest ends April 10th and we’ll announce the winner on April 11th, so hurry!

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