RCRG #3 Seed at WFTDA Division 1 Playoff

WFTDA Playoff Brackets are out! WFTDA Playoff Brackets are out! WFTDA Playoff Brackets are out!!!!!

With the transition from a Regional Playoff system to a WFTDA-wide competitive structure, it’s been a lot harder to predict the Big 5 tournaments this year. But we can all put our abacuses (abaci?) and crystal balls away…

Rat City Rollergirls All-Stars came out of June ranked WFTDA #12.  This puts the team at a solid #3 seed at Division 1 Playoffs, the highest tournament seed  RCRG has had since 2008.

Gettin' some points!
Carmen Getsome jamming at 2012 WFTDA Playoffs, Photo by Dave Wood

Start looking for road trip buddies and ask for the days off work, because Rat City will be competing in the Salem, OR Division 1 Playoff, September 27-29. If the All-Stars place in the top 3 at their playoff, they will earn a slot to WFTDA Championships in Milwaukee, WI, November 8-10.

WFTDA is using S-curve to seed Division 1 playoffs this year, so there is relatively even dispersion of rankings across each tournament. The full list of teams competing in the Salem tournament are:

  1.  B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls (WFTDA #3)
  2.  Atlanta Rollergirls (WFTDA #7)
  3.  Rat City Rollergirls (WFTDA #12)
  4.  Detroit Derby Girls (WFTDA #15)
  5.  Charm City Roller Girls (WFTDA #20)
  6.  Boston Derby Dames (WFTDA #23)
  7.  Sacred City Derby Girls (WFTDA #28)
  8.  Victorian Roller Derby League (WFTDA #31)
  9.  Chicago Outfit Roller Derby (WFTDA #36)
  10. Toronto Roller Derby (WFTDA #39)

Rat City’s first opponent will be #6 seed Boston Derby Dames.

With 2 teams that RCRG faced at 2012 Regional Playoffs, 2 teams from the 2013 All-Star season, and a few easterly teams that have visited Seattle in recent years, there’s an exciting mix of possible opponents in the Salem bracket, including July 13 Key Arena opponent Charm City. Tickets are still available for the game, so get them now! Seeded #5 at playoffs, Saturday’s game could be a preview (ok, get the crystal balls back out!) of Playoffs, so be there!