Rat City's All-Stars and Rain of Terror Bring Home the Win!

Rat City All-Stars kick off 2011 season with a 122-66 win over Detroit Derby Girls

Rain of Terror defeats Dockyard Derby Dames’ Wave of Mutilation 161-78

All-Star jammer Primp Daddy gets blocked by Detroit (photo by Jules Doyle).

The Rat City All-Stars and Rain of Terror kicked off their 2011 seasons on February 5, and both teams got solid wins over their opponents. The All-Stars hosted the Detroit Derby Girls (DDG), ranked #4 in the WFTDA North Central region, and got a solid 122-66 win. Rain of Terror hosted neighboring Tacoma’s Dockyard Derby Dames’ all-star team, the Wave of Mutilation and similarly served them a 161-78 loss. DDG is in the midst of their “Northwest Passage” tour, and are also playing Rose City’s Wheels of Justice and the Oly Rollers’ Cosa Nostra Donnas this weekend.

The All-Stars opened the bout with a textbook 4-0 jam from Carmen Getsome. After 0-0 in jam 2, Detroit’s Cookie Rumble answered back with 4-0. For the next 6 jams, the All-Stars and Detroit traded lead jammer status, power jams, and leads until jam 11, when Primp Daddy opened the door with a 12-0 jam (including a sweet juke between Detroit’s Del Bomber and Cool Whip) to make it 31-12 midway through the first half. A 9-0 jam by Racer McChaser brought Detroit within 15 points, but that was the closest they would get that afternoon. Corre Caminos, making her All-Star debut, was true to her namesake the “road runner”, putting 18 points on the board over two back-to-back jams, cooling her heels in the penalty box in the middle.  At the end of the first half, the score read 58-22 Rat City.

The All-Stars opened the second half by completely locking down on defense and maximizing offense—going on a 50-4 tear for the first 7 jams of the second half to 108-26.  ReAnimateHer, Juliet Bravo, Glitter HitHer, and Goodie Two Skates, (the latter two making their debut with Rat City All-Stars) were key parts of this punishing defense. With about 15 minutes left in the game, Detroit came alive again, with Effin Money and Boo D. Livers putting points on the board and ramping up the defense to keep the All-Star jammers stuck in the pack or limited to a single scoring pass. However, this last push (Detroit had a 40-14 run at the end of the second half) was too late, with the final score putting Rat City on top, 122-66.

Proving there’s no rest for the wicked (or wickedly awesome); the Rat City All-Stars are in action again this Friday, February 11, playing host to Montreal’s New Skidz on the Block. You can see them live and in action next at the Wild West Showdown in Bremerton, WA March 5th and 6th, and at the KeyArena for our April 16th bout where they take on the San Francisco Bay Area Derby Girls.

Rat City All-Stars: Kamikaze Kim 00// Goodie Two Skates 8// Sirius Mischief 9// Carmen Getsome 12// X-Khan 18// Wile E. Peyote 21// ReAnimateHer 31// Primp Daddy 73// Juliet Bravo 76// Corre Caminos 104// Hard Cora 247// Glitter HitHer 319// sHedonist 615// Valtron 3000

Detroit Derby Girls: Elle McFearsome 6// Tiny Ninja 8// Elle Iminator11 // Cool Whip N20// Effin Money 22// Racer McChaseHer 28// Fatal Femme 46// Summers Eve-L 68// Polly Fester 100// Boo D. Livers 247// Black Eyed Skeez 313// Cookie Rumble 333// Lazer Beam 620// Combat Cat 728// Del Bomber 76// Honey Suckit 1974

Rain of Terror jammer Penny Racer.

Rain of Terror, the rest of the best Rat City team, started off slow against the Wave of Mutilation, with the Wave jumping to a 21-3 lead after 4 jams. However Rain of Terror struck back almost immediately with four lead jam calls, and four big jams by Penny Racer, Yoko Onoudi’nt, Missile America, and Muffstache to bring it to 39-21.  Once Rain of Terror seized the lead, they never looked back, keeping the Wave to a mere 4 more points for the rest of the half, the score reading 92-25 at halftime.

Both teams started the second half with heavier defense, allowing only one scoring pass per jam, but Rain of Terror managed to grow their lead to 104-32, five jams in. However, in the next jam, the Wave’s Anita Hit Sum Won maximized her power jam by putting 19 points on the board, taking it to 108-51, with about 20 minutes left. Rain of Terror immediately answered back, with a 23-0 run in the next two jams, bringing the score to 131-51. Rain of Terror expanded their jammer rotation in the last 15 minutes, with both captain Foxy Throwdown and Sara Problem wearing the star and putting points on the board. With solid defense (with some great hits by Nikole Plated, IRockIt, and Missile America—while both jamming and blocking), and consistently strong offense, Rain of Terror came out on top 161-78.

You can see Rain of Terror in action next month at the Wild West Showdown in Bremerton, WA March 5th and 6th, and also at our April bout at the KeyArena where they’ll go up against the Denver Roller Dolls’ Bruising Altitudes.

Rain of Terror: Fighty Almighty K0// Penny Racer 2// Foxy Throwdown 10// Eddie Shredder 11// Betty Ford Galaxy 12// IRockIt 15// Muffstache 17// Yoko Onoudi’nt 20// Sara Problem 26// Stella Borracha 43// Nikole Plated 45// Caddie Smack 56// Missile America 321// Moe YaDown 14

Dockyard Derby Dames’ Wave of Mutilation: MyTai Smashya 18// Ida Spyze-her 24// Vicious Divalicious 33// Skate Pauli Girl 34// Anita Hit Sum Won 420// Connie Pinko 62// Rocky Hardplace 6×7// Cookies & Milf OU81// Betty Drillder 86// Snickerbrutal 88// Morna Handful 462// Sister Slaughter 480// Rusty O’Tulle 9/16// Heide Flyss 2500// Blonde Amazon 11// Frankie Bones 70