Rat City Rollergirls March Expo Bout 3/29: Sibling Rivalry

Sockit Wench blocker, Short Fuse tries to stop Scald Eagle of Guns N Rollers from scoring in Portland last December. Photo by Jenny Evans

We’re bringing Sibling Rivalry to Shoreline, WA when we host the Rose City Rollers from Portland, OR at the Rat’s Nest on March 29th.

The Sockit Wenches face off against the Guns N Rollers in a rematch from last December’s 4×4 in Portland. Come out and cheer on the Wenches’ Sister Slaughter, and rookie skater Short Fuse as they tear up the track for the Wenches! It should be a fun and exciting match up!

This double header bout kicks off with a battle of the generations, as skaters from the Seattle Derby Brats‘ SDB Galaxy Girls, fresh from some intense bouts at Wild West Showdown, will mix it up with skaters from the Throttle Rockets – Rat City Rollergirls. The Galaxy Girls are coached by Betty Ford Galaxy (former TR) and Devilynne Syde (current SW), with help from Luna Negra and Missile America (current TRs), so it’ll be really exciting to see what the girls have learned already this season.

First Whistle: 6:30pm\\ TICKETS

Rat’s Nest 19022 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline