Rat City and Rose City Split Wins in Sibling Rivalry

Can’t get enough action in our usual double-headers? Try a quadruple-header! On February 19, the Rat City Rollergirls hosted all of Portland’s Rose City Rollers’ local teams for an exciting 4-by-4 home team showdown. The matchups for each of the 30-minute minibouts were set by last year’s end-of-season standings. Each league took home two wins and two losses, full recaps are below.

Glitter HitHer, Domino Scarvy, and Kitty Kamikaze create a wall to hold the Betties' jammer. Photo by Jules Doyle

Derby Liberation Front 92 — Breakneck Betties 46

The opening bout saw our Derby Liberation Front take on Rose City’s Breakneck Betties. From the opening whistle, DLF came out with guns blazing, putting 37 points on the board in the first four jams on the legs of Corre Caminos, Method of Madness, and recent Rose City transfer Goodie TwoSkates. Despite some strong jamming from the Betties’ Soulfearic Acid and Northern Lights, DLF was relentless in their defense, led by by front-of-the-pack wrecking balls Glitter HitHer and Ivana Clobber. They took home their first win in Seattle since 2009.

With 54 points in just 6 times with the star, the Breakneck Betties named Corre Caminos MVP for the Derby Liberation Front.

Throttle Rockets 96 —  Guns N’ Rollers 27

Valtron 3000 jamming for the Throttle Rockets. Photo by Jules Doyle

Exploding to an 18-0 lead after jam 2, the Throttle Rockets were in control of their game against the Guns N’ Rollers from the get go. Similar to DLF’s opening bout, solid, consistent offense and punishing defense was the name of the game here. The Rockets Sirius (Mischief and Smack), Hard Cora, Fighty Almighty and Slutnik kept the pack on lockdown, only allowing a single scoring pass for the Guns jammers, if they let them out at all. But the heavy defense was a two-way street—the Guns were able to keep pace and narrow the gap to 36-22 with about 10minutes to go. At that point though, the Throttle Rockets put it into overdrive, shooting down the Guns with a a 60-5 run. Valtron 3000 turned on the afterburners with a 30-0 romp, and Windy City transfer Eva Dead closed out the bout with a 14-0 run in her Key Arena debut.

Guns N’ Rollers named Killah Kelly MVP for the Throttle Rockets for her aggressive blocking and impressive RCRG debut.

Heartless Heathers 95 — Grave Danger 89

Pink Tattilac and Shedonist block the Heartless Heathers jammer as Katarina Whip jams. Photo by Jules Doyle.

In the third bout of the night, Grave Danger opened it up with a modest 8-5 lead in the first few jams. However, it soon became clear that this game wasn’t going to be as one-sided as the previous two when the Heartless Heathers completely capitalized on a power jam and pack-advantage opportunity with White Flight taking a 24-0 run. Sprung from the box, Carmen Getsome answered back with a 15-0 to take it 29-24. Danger shortly retook the lead with Katarina Whip, Georgia O’Grief and ReAnimateHer putting points on the board and heavy blocking by Sara Problem and sHedonist to keep the Heathers at bay. With about 5 minutes left on the clock, the score read 72-48, but two solid back-to-back jams by Heathers Tekillya and Mercy brought the score to 78-67 with one jam to go. Danger put Shorty Ounce on the line, but a track cut major gave Heather jammer Twat Rocket the chance to catch up. Calling it after a 15 point run, the Heathers celebrated a victory until Shorty Ounce’s 4 points prior to her box trip were tallied, tying the score and requiring an overtime jam. Unfortunately, Danger started the overtime jam (full two minutes, with jammers scoring on the first pass) in the worst possible scenario—jammer and two blockers in the box. While Shorty Ounce managed to get one scoring pass, and despite Georgia O’Grief’s killer defense as the only Danger blocker on the track for the full 2 minutes, the Heather jammer managed another pass and a half to end it 96-89.

Heartless Heathers named Shorty Ounce MVP for Grave Danger for her outstanding jamming and brutal blocking.

High Rollers 90 — Sockit Wenches 30

Trouble Loves Mimi looks to give the High Rollers' jammer some trouble. Photo by Jules Doyle.

In the last mini-bout of the evening, each city’s 2010 league champion teams, the High Rollers for Rose City, and Rat City’s Sockit Wenches, faced off. The High Rollers drew first blood, with a 9-0 jam by Wreck Deckard out of the gates. The Sockit Wenches, seemingly unstoppable in Rat City league play, were neutralized by the tight green High Roller walls, especially when on the wrong side of a pack-advantage situation. By jam 8, it was 57-13 Rollers, even with usual go-to girls like X-Khan, Juliet Bravo, Rebel Belle, and Anya Heels having worn the star. The Wench pack tightened up their defense in the second half of the bout, with some fierce blocking by Trouble Loves Mimi, Juliet Bravo and X-Khan, holding the High Rollers scoreless for 7 out of the last 11 jams. However, it was a case of too little, too late, as the High Rollers early lead proved to be insurmountable in 30 short minutes.

The High Rollers named Shovey Chase MVP for the Sockit Wenches for her brickwall-like blocking in the pack.

There will be another Rat City-Rose City hometeam throwdown showdown in Portland this April. More details to come soon! But first… the Rat City Rollergirls played to a SOLD OUT house in February, so get your tickets to our March 19th bout now!