Rat City All-Stars Sweep Through the East Coast!

The Rat City All-Stars have wrapped up their weekend trip to the east coast today, and do so having given them a taste of Northwest derby, walking away with three wins for the three bouts.

Friday, both the All-Stars and the Rain of Terror met up with the DC Rollergirls in our nation’s capital, taking on their all-stars and their B-team, the Capital Offenders, respectively. Both walked away with wins, as Rat City won over DC 295-95, and the Rain of Terror closing it up 430-75.

Saturday was the biggest bout of the weekend, as the All-Stars took on Baltimore’s own Charm City Roller Girls. The two went in as next-door neighbors on DNN’s Power Rankings, Rat City’s 6th to Charm City’s 7th, but the final score didn’t give a hint of that closeness, with Rat coming in over Charm 281-126. Read the DNN recap here.

And finally, on Sunday Morning, Rat City rolled into Pittsburgh to take on the Steel City Derby Demons. The All-Stars didn’t let up on the final day, coming in with a 298-218 finish, leaving them 3-0 for the weekend.

The All-Stars play again on August 18, against the Puget Sound Outcast Men, at Southgate Roller Rink! Details Here!