October 2010 - IRockit

What’s the significance of your derby name and number?
[IR] – IRockit, cuz I do. And X-15 is the fastest land rocket.

Do you have any bout-day rituals, habits, or superstitions? If so, what are they?
[IR] – I like to be punched hard in the gut to get me mad.

What was the last thing you ate?
[IR] – Edamame & beets w/ poppyseed dressing. But I love a good burger.

What is your favorite thing about Roller Derby?
[IR] – Every single thing.

What is your favorite off-skates workout?
[IR] – Kickboxing & Krav Maga.

At noon, a train leaves Seattle for Portland while another train leaves Portland for Seattle. It takes one train 4 hours and the other 7 hours to make the trip. Both maintain constant speeds and travel along parallel tracks. If you were on one of those trains, what kind of refreshing beverage would you be drinking in the dining car?
[IR] – Why, a refreshing margarita of course!