October 2009 - Sugar N'Creamher

sw-sugar-and-creamher“She gives so much on the track and behind the scenes. She is so beautiful and sacrifices soooo much!”

“Because she is a badass, working mom, who puts in a gajillion hours into this league- hours that are the life-blood of the league, no less!”

“Sugar dove right in to dues when she started on the league, and has been going strong ever since. She’s a huge contributor to her team and tirelessly gives her time, passion, and help to the league. She’s got a great attitude, goes to lots of practices (often times with kids in tow just so she doesn’t miss out on skating) and keeps us all in check on our moolah. I heart her.”

“She is amazing and we really appreciate all her hard work!

“um she rawks, anyone who can make such well mannered and sweet kids has to be awesome!”

“She’s always so sweet and in good spirits about the ton of derby work she does.”