November 2010 - Jo Jo Stiletto (SW Alumni)

What’s the significance of your derby name and number? (Jo Jo Stiletto, #26)
[JS] – Jo Jo Stiletto was the name I made up to use as a burlesque performer but then derby swept me off my feet. And my number was my age when I started both derby and burlesque. Now I go by Old Lady Stiletto.

How did you get started playing roller derby?
[JS] – There was only about 48 hours between notification of try outs, the decision to try out and actual try outs. It was sorta a “oh, what the heck” decision. At the time all I knew of derby was that I was scared of it.

What is your favorite thing about Rat City?
[JS] – These days, now that I’m simply a RCRG founder and not an active skater, my favorite thing is spending time with my derby friends, especially the fine folk who perform in Black-Eyed Burlesque. I am awestruck by the creativity and kindness that is shared in the process of making our show.

What was the last thing you ate?
[JS] – I think I inhaled about a pound of glitter backstage at the burlesque show.

What new thing has consumed your life since you stopped skating?
[JS] – It seems I spend all my time producing parties and events. Soon I’ll be starting up a party planning and coordination business (it will be easy to remember: Jo Jo Stiletto Events). I also will be joining the board of an amazing organization, and co-producers of Black-Eyed Burlesque, the Theatre Off Jackson (

At noon, a train leaves Seattle for Portland while another train leaves Portland for Seattle. It takes one train 4 hours and the other 7 hours to make the trip. Both maintain constant speeds and travel along parallel tracks. If you were on one of those trains, what kind of refreshing beverage would you be drinking in the dining car?
[JS] – A high-heel full of champagne, sweetie darling.