Montreal upsets All-Stars, 110-103

Montreal Roller Derby’s New Skids on the Block, the neon darlings of WFTDA’s East Region, upset the Rat City All-Stars, 110-103 on February 11th in closed bout at our practice facility. The All-Stars are currently ranked 5th in the West Region and the Skids are ranked 7th in the East. The Skids are doing a Pacific Northwest tour this weekend and are playing Oly Rollers’ Cosa Nostras and the Jet City Bombers on the trip.

Both teams started out with heavy defense, getting a feel for each other, but Montreal drew the first blood with a 3-0 by Ewan Wotarmy in jam 2.  Rat City answered back in jam 3 with a 9-0 by Primp Daddy to bring the All-Stars to a 9-3 lead. The next couple jams had Montreal chipping away with short, clean 2-0s, but the All-Stars seemed to run away with it in jams 6 and 7—a 27-0 attack by Carmen Getsome, followed by a 15-0 romp by Juliet Bravo—bringing the score to 51-7 just 10 minutes in. All-Star rookie Shorty Ounce made her presence felt on the track during that jam with some incredibly solid frontline defense, keeping Montreal’s Cheese Grater in the pack.

ReAnimateHer blocking Montreal's Georgia W. Tush in the pack. Photo by Jules Doyle.

For rest of the first half, the All-Stars and Skids traded lead calls and quick single scoring pass jams, but Montreal managed to chip away at the All-Stars’ lead a bit (48 points at its highest), ending the half 74-41, Rat City.

The Skids must have eaten their Wheaties (or maybe poutine?) during halftime because they certainly Brought It in the second half. A 19-0 rally by Iron Wench in jam 2 to took them them to 74-60. Montreal kept up their relentless offense and punishing defense, led by Jess Bandit, Smack Daddy and Lil Mama. In the first twelve jams of the second half, they kept the All-Stars to a mere four points, while putting 43 points of their own on the board, taking the lead 84-78. Losing the lead was the wake-up call that Rat City needed, as they immediately answered back with a 15-0 jam from Juliet Bravo, featuring some killer blocking by Shorty Ounce (sound familiar?), holding Georgia W. Tush in the pack for three scoring passes.  However this 93-84 lead was far from comfortable, and the tenacious Montreal team cut Rat City’s lead to two points, 99-97, going into jam 20. They put their go-to girl, Iron Wench, on the track against a boxed Juliet Bravo, and she made light work of a light Rat City pack with a 13-4 run, taking the lead back for Montreal, 110-103.

Juliet Bravo jamming against Montreal's Iron Wench. Photo by Jules Doyle.

With six seconds on the clock, the All-Stars’ bench immediately called a time out to force one more jam, and Wile E. Peyote lined up against Ewan Wotarmy. Unfortunately for the All-Stars, they had only had two blockers on the track to Montreal’s four, and as soon as the Montreal jammer was called lead, she called the jam, final score 110-103.

The Rat City All-Stars are next in action for three bouts at the Wild West Showdown in Bremerton, WA, March 5th and 6th. They’ll be playing two games on March 5th—Denver Roller Dolls’ Mile High Club at 12pm and Rose City Rollers’ Wheels of Justice at 8pm. On Sunday March 6th, they face the Philly Rollergirls’ Liberty Belles at 5pm. On April 16th, the Rat City All-Stars will be hosting the B. A. D. All-Stars from the San Francisco Bay Area at Key Arena. Tickets for that bout are on sale now!

Rat City All-Stars:  Kamikaze Kim 00// Goodie Two Skates 8// Sirius Mischief 9// Carmen Getsome 12// Kitty Kamikaze 13// Shorty Ounce 14// Wile E. Peyote 21// ReAnimateHer 31// Method of Madness 34// Trouble Loves Mimi 59// Primp Daddy 73// Juliet Bravo 76// Corre Caminos 104// Glitter HitHer 319

New Skids on the Block: Lil Mama 2// No Holds Bard 2X4// Smack Daddy 3X// Jess Bandit 8// Rae Volver 38// Georgia W Tush 40// Lyn-Dah Kicks 75// Trash N’ Smash 118// Namless Whorror 202// Cheese Grater 289// Iron Wench 516// Bone Machine 1111// Ewan Wotarmy 7734