Winnin' Rome



Winnin Rome

Derby History: I started my roller derby journey in 2011 with the Lansing Derby Vixens in Lansing, MI. I transferred to Rat City in 2016 and was drafted to Grave Danger in 2017, and I also am a skater with Jewish Roller Derby. I have enjoyed coaching new skaters for almost as long as I have been skating myself!

Position: Blocker

Previous Sports: I don’t have much of an athletic history besides roller derby, but I have always been very competitive and love to do activities that take me out of my comfort zone.

Injuries: Separated shoulder, multiple ligament tears

Hometown: Royal Oak, MI

When I’m not playing derby I’m a: Librarian

Get Pumped-Up Song: Anything by Le Tigre, Beyoncé, or Andrew WK

Fun Fact:

  • Likes: Studio Ghibli, opera, hiking, sharks.
  • Dislikes: bigotry, green peppers.