Thumper Skull



Derby History:

  • Tilted Thunder banked track roller derby:
    • Rolling Blackouts and All Star Team, July 2009 – May 2014.
  • Joined Rat City Roller Derby, July 2014.
    • Drafted to Derby Liberation Front, October 2014.
    • Rat City Reign of Terror B team, 2015.
    • Rat City All Stars, 2016- 2019.

Position: Blocker

Previous Sports: Snowboarding, extreme napping, competitive cat snuggling.

Injuries: Ankle sprains. Two black eyes from getting whacked in the bridge of my nose by a backhand (why I now wear a helmet with a face shield). C3-C4 herniated disc in my neck. Very large bruise on my right butt cheek, I will show you pictures if you ask.

Hometown: Seattle

When I’m not playing derby I’m a: CT Technologist, Cat Furniture.

Get Pumped-Up Song: “Panther Like a Panther” – Run the Jewels

Fun Fact: I have a twin