Real Deadly


Derby History: I started out on banked track with Tilted Thunder Peeps in 2013, quickly moving up to Peeps 2 and taking home BoTB National champs with the all stars in 2015. TTRB lost their space and I moved on to Seattle Derby Brats starting as a Poison Skiddle and spending the rest of my Jr’s career on Ultra Violets. Making my Derby comeback with Rat in 2023 newly drafted to Throttle Rockets!

Previous Sports: Very briefly basketball as a child

Injuries: Bad ankle sprain, 2 consecutive concussions

Hometown: Seattle born n raised!

When I’m not playing derby I’m a: I work at a fabric store and sell my art

Get Pumped-Up Song: “Here Come the Bastards” – Primus

Fun Fact: I’ve gone thru 3 Derby personas, I think this one has stuck!