Punchy O'Guts



Derby History: 2006-12: Maine Roller Derby (Portland, ME)
2012+ Professional Derby Coaching
2014-2015: Fog City Roller Derby (New Brunswick, Canada)
2014-2016: Resurgam Roller Derby (Portland, ME)
2016+: Rat City

Position: Blocker

Injuries: Torn ulnar collateral ligament in right thumb 2015, Right Knee Replacement 2016, Torn PLC in left knee 2017

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA & Portland, ME

Profession: Coach, Writer, and Professor

Awards: MVB: Grunge City Rollers vs Jet City Skyraiders 10/19/19
MVB: Grunge City Rollers vs Glitterasauras 08/11/19
MVB: Grunge City Rollers vs Church of Atom 08/10/19
MVB: Rat City Mischief vs Smokin’ Laces 07/27/19
MVB: Rat City Mischief vs Margarita Villians 07/27/19
MVB: Queer Squad vs Anarchy Angels 05/31/19
MVB: Throttle Rockets vs Grave Danger 02/16/19
MVB: Throttle Rockets vs Grave Danger 12/08/18
MVB: Rat City Mashup vs Queer Squad 7/21/18
Roller Derby Elite Sponsorship 2015-present
MVP: Port Authorities vs Boston Massacre 6/16/12
MVP: Port Authorities vs Atlanta Rollergirls 2/18/12
Wicked Smaht Skater 2011 (MRD Skater Award)
Highest +/- as Pivot: 354 (2011 stats award)
Most Shutouts: 192 (2011 stats award)
Most Shutouts as Pivot: 123 (2011 stats award)
Most Shutouts in a Bout: 21 (2011 stats award)
MVP: Thanks for Giving Charity Bout Nov 2011 (intra-league)
WFTDA Skater of the Month June 2011
Most Shutouts in Wicked vs Good III (2010 stats award)
Hardest Hits 2010 (MRD Skater Award)
Most Feared 2010 (MRD Skater Award)
MVP: Port Authorities vs CT Stepford Sabotage 8/28/10
MVP: Port Authorities vs BDD’s Wicked Pissah’s 8/14/10
MVP: Port Authorities vs Harrisburg 4/25/10
MVP: Calamity Janes vs Rochester 9/26/09
MVP: Port Authorities vs Philly Liberty Belles 6/13/09
MVP: Port Authorities vs Charm City 3/22/09
MVP: Wicked vs Good Intra-league bout 10/11/08
Hardest Hits 2008 (MRD Skater Award)
Most Feared 2008 (MRD Skater Award)
MRD Skater of the Month Sept 2007