Morgan McSlay



Favorite Quote: Be like the squirrel, girl

Derby History: Angel City Derby Road Ragers 2015 season
-derby break-
Throttle Rockets 9/2017- Present
Rat City Allstars 2018 Season
Throttle Rockets Captain Season 15

Position: Jammer & Occasional Pivot

Previous Sports: Basketball, Softball, Flag Football, Irish Step Dancing

Injuries: Broken Middle Metacarpal, Sprained Right and Left Ankle

Hometown: Palmdale, CA

Profession: Small Business Owner / Volunteer Coordinator at Non-Profit Environmental Organization

Favorite Movie: Moonrise Kingdom

Awards: MVP Jammer Debutante Brawl 2017
MVP Jammer GD vs TR 3-10-2018
MVP Jammer TR vs Sitka Sound Slayers 3-17-2018
MVP Jammer ROT vs Capital Maul Stars 6-16-2018

Get Pumped-Up Song: Space Jam