Juan NightStand



“Get lower”

Derby History: I started skating with Puget Sound Outcast back in 2017, and from there I became involved as both a skater and coach for both the WFTDA team for Grunge City Rollers and also its MRDA team. I also served as game day coach for Queer Squad Washington. In 2019, I would get involved with the Pinkies program as a reinforcement coach, to which I’m still currently active, and now as of 2024, I’m the program lead for the Pinkies program and also skate on the charter for Puget Sound Outcast.

Position: Pinkies program lead for Rat City and Blocker for PSOD charter

Previous Sports: Boxing and Muay Thai

Hometown: Born in Dallas Tx, but spent my teen years in Salem Or

When I’m not playing roller derby: Inside Wireperson for IBEW Local 46

Favorite Movie: John Carpenters The Thing

Awards: 2023 Coach of the Year for Rat City

Get Pumped-Up Song: “BFG Division” by Mick Gordon