Feline Fatale




“Tell your cat I said pspspspsps”

Derby History: I started in 2016 with Carson Junior Victory Rollers in NV, aged up a week before we shut down because of COVID, then moved to WA and joined Rat as soon as restrictions lifted! Got drafted to DLF in 2022 and ASP in 2023 for RoT 🙂

Position: Pivot, Blocker, Jammer if I’m told to 🙂

Injuries: Two sprained knees, three months apart 🫠

Hometown: Gardnerville, NV

When I’m not playing derby: Does professional cat-lover count? (I’m just a student right now)

Favorite Movie: Solid tie between Beetlejuice, The Batman, and Jurassic Park

Awards: A few Scholastic Art & Writing awards and a few derby awards for blocking

Get Pumped-Up Song: “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” – Pat Benatar

Fun Fact: My name is inspired by Catwoman and the number is the date I adopted my (passed) cat, Jake (March 23)