Derby History: Duncan spent three years prepping to be a Rat City skater. They’re an original member of the Rodeo City Roller Girls in Ellensburg, WA. They skated with Seattle’s premiere learning squad the Potential Fresh Meat (PFM) and spent a season with the wonderful skaters of the Rainier Roller Girls in White Center. They’ve been a RCRD fan from its inception, and becoming a member of this league has been a life’s ambition for them!

Birthdate: July 24, 1989

Position: Bossy pants blocker

Previous Sports: Mario Kart, Quidditch…Needless to say, Duncan was often found inside reading during recess.

Injuries: Bruised ego, skinned knees and lots of busted lips

Hometown: Richland, WA

Profession: Badass

Favorite Movie: Three way tie: Wayne’s World, Ghostbusters, and any zombie movie ever made!

Fight Song: Equal parts Dr. Dre and Bad Religion