Meet Kamikaze Kim #00

With the upcoming bout  this Saturday 3/16 with Derby Liberation Front vs Grave Danger, we sat down with the two highest scoring jammers from each team. Meet Kamikaze Kim, the league’s #2 highest scoring jammer:

Photo Credit: Jules Doyle
What do you look for when you are jamming?
Looking for holes in the walls that I can squeek through. Looking for offensive screens from my blockers.
Describe your favorite jamming moment
My favorite moments happen when I can draw opposing blockers in one direction so I can set up screens for my blockers and then I take the open hole. During the Rat City All-Star vs Rose City bout last year I was able to draw a number of Rose City blockers while one of our blockers, Hard Cora, screened the Rose City blockers so I could squeeze through on the inside line. It happend several times that night and I got lead each time. It was beautiful!
Kim, what’s with the fist pump?
The fist pump is just something I do to get myself pumped. Since I began doing it my teammates love it and just start doing it to get everyone else pumped too.
Kim, what do you expect to see from GD blockers?
Tight walls, tough defense, and hard hits
Kim, what do you think when you see Carmen on the start line?
Powerful skater, good head game, as a jammer she’s not afraid to become the 5th blocker on the track.
Kim, what’s one thing GD does that your team doesn’t?
They are great at setting up a strong back wall. They are good at forcing the jammer out and doing a back bridge.
Kim, any advice for Carmen on Sat?
I think DLF this year has a lot more size and speed than we did last year. Expect tighter walls, heavier hits, and a faster game.
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