Meet Carmen Getsome #12

With the upcoming bout  this Saturday 3/16 with Derby Liberation Front vs Grave Danger, we sat down with the two highest scoring jammers from each team. Meet Carmen Getsome, the league’s #1 highest scoring jammer:

Photo Credit: Frank Blau

What do you look for when you are jamming?
I look for space, first for the big spaces and if they don’t exist then for the small spaces that I can turn into bigger spaces.  I also make sure I am always monitoring the opposing jammer, the penalty box and time remaining in the jam.

Describe your favorite jamming moment.
My most wonderful jamming memory is from 2009.  Grave danger hadnt won a single game or scrimmage in 2 years and so we were laying it all on the line during our hone season game vs Derby Liberation Front.  The last jam of the game and Danger started off a few points behind DLF with incredible blocking I was able to get out lead jammer but as the jam concluded GD was still one point behind DLF. While on paper that game was a lose as I returned to my bench the pride that was displayed from my teammates for a job well done was overwhelming.

Carmen, what do you expect to see from DLF blockers?
Super tight defense and a lot of well timed offense.
Carmen, how do you communicate with your team on the track?
Lots of pointing, grunting and eye stares.  I try to speak to my blockers when jamming but mostly I grunt and point.
Carmen, what do you think when you see Kim on the start line?
Oh here comes the jumpy one!!
Carmen, any advice for Kim on Sat?
The only advice to give any jammer going up against the Great Walls of Danger is to keep your feet moving and when you get knocked down don’t forget to get up!!
Carmen, what’s one thing DLF does that your team doesn’t?
DLF does the anchor, an offensive move where one DLF blocker pushes another DLF Blocker out from the front of the pack to help their jammer at the back of the pack.
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