May 2011 - Mona Agony

What’s the significance of your derby name and number?

[MA] Mine’s just a name. 🙂  I thought for sure I’d be a blocker when I started playing so wanted something that sounded a little tough, but not too un-namelike.

How did you get started playing roller derby?

[MA] I began playing when I was at a real low point, personally.  I needed a community, I needed an outlet, I needed a challenge.  I began skating (with Jet City) in the fall of 2007; I didn’t have any equipment so wore rental skates and mis-matched gear from the lost and found.  My very first night, the head coach told me to skate across the floor and stop in front.  I skated toward him but didn’t know how to stop.  I got close and then threw my arms around him.  He simply looked at me and shook his head, laughing.  I don’t think he thought I’d make it in derby.

What is your favorite thing about skating with Rat City?

[MA] Getting to be teammates with some of my all-time favorite derby players.

What was the last thing you ate?

[MA] Greek yogurt with honey and mango.

What is your favorite off skates workout?

[MA] Biking in the summer, snowshoeing in the winter, yoga when it rains.

At noon, a train leaves Seattle for Portland while another train leaves Portland for Seattle. It takes one train 4 hours and the other 7 hours to make the trip. Both maintain constant speeds and travel along parallel tracks. If you were on one of those trains, what kind of refreshing beverage would you be drinking in the dining car?

[MA] Orangina.  It’s my favorite drink when travelling.