May 19th All-Star Boot Camp: Basic Strategy

Learn how to quickly react to the game. How do you win the first pass? What if you’re down players?

How do you work the clock in a close game?

2011 All-Star Team Captain, Method of Madness, will cover some basic strategy that will help you get your team all on the same page when you’re in tough situations on the track.

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Q: Is this open to junior skaters?
A: Yes, but due to insurance stipulations, juniors can only engage in contact with other juniors. Although the Clinic is not specifically geared towards hitting most drills have some contact assumed in order to simulate real game play. In drills junior derby skaters will be paired with other junior derby skaters.

Q: What skill level is required to attend?
A: Clinics are for beginning to intermediate derby skaters. The WFTDA minimum skills are a good gauge although not a requirement. We ask that you can skate using crossovers, safely fall, safely give and receive a hit.

Q: Is this co-ed?
A: Not this time. These clinics will be for women only. Stay tuned for possible co-ed events in the future–the All-Stars love hitting guys around!