June 2009 - Sister Piston

“There are those of us who work out in the open where everybody knows what we do and there are those who work tirelessly behind the scenes making sure that the systems we use everyday are operating so we can do are jobs no matter what they are. … Aside from being a key player in the website remodel and launch, Piston was also a part of the forum migration which happened earlier this year. I was astounded that the switch of forums went virtually without any noticeable hiccups. If you have ever migrated data or launched new software you can certainly appreciate this event. If you haven’t then think of it this way, it was like putting on a new pair of skates and not having to break them in. … Piston is constantly monitoring our forum and has already logged over 308 hours between January and May of this year alone, scary what her June hours will be! And let’s not forget she is doing this and keeping up her attendance requirements for the AllStar team – WOW!”

“Works her ass off and never expects a Thank You. Such a passionate woman about her work for RCRG.”

“Thank you for all the work you have done to make our web presence better and updated. You super rock!”

“This girl has rawked the website in an undercover way and deserves major props.”