Grave Danger, Throttle Rockets win in March

Just when you think you’ve seen the best of the Rat City Rollergirls, BAM! the teams bring you action like none other. If you weren’t among the 5000+ fans who packed the Key on March 24, you missed a thriller… With two undefeated teams looking to take the top seed going into the playoffs and two teams fighting for their first win of the year, this was one for the books.

The early bout saw the Sockit Wenches take on the Throttle Rockets. The Wenches raced out to an early lead, but it didn’t take the TRs too long to fire up the afterburners and it was 77 TRs, 47 Wenches at the half. About 10 minutes into the second half, both teams lost key players to expulsions in Missile America and Trouble Loves Mimi. As often is the case, this was a game of power jams and capitalizing on them and the Throttle Rocket jammers spent a just a wee bit less time in the box and got the win.

Final: TRs 135- SW 107

The late bout was Grave Danger and DLF battling it out for top seed going into the April playoffs. While Danger drew first blood, DLF’s trajectory as the comeback kids over the past 2 season was very much the trajectory of the bout– whenever Danger made a move with a scoring run, DLF answered back with a run of their own. GD 55 DLF 35 at the half. Danger grew that lead to 35 points midway through the second half, but DLF swung back and took the lead on a 29-point romp by DLF’s Full Nelson, taking advantage of a power jam and a light Danger pack. But in the next jam with less that five minutes left, the ReAnimateHer came back from the dead (or, well, out of the penalty box), to get lead jam, put a few points on the board, and take back the lead for Danger. Back and forth a few a more jams with it being a one-point game with 19 seconds on the clock. ReAnimateHer got a quick lead and 4 more points to put the nail in DLF coffin.

Final: GD 122- DLF 117

Come back to the Key April 21 to see all four teams battle it out for a berth in Championship game. Grave Danger faces the Sockit Wenches again and DLF plays the Throttle Rockets!

S8B3 MVPs:

Sockit Wenches: Belle Tolls

Throttle Rockets: Skate Pauli Girl

DLF: Full Nelson

Grave Danger: Jerrica Kallio (nee Mona Agony)