Grave Danger--Season Eight RCRG Champions! DLF Wins Grudge Match

The Rat City Rollergirls’ home season is now in the books and what a season it was!

The Championship bout was too intense for a snappy summary… leads swung back and forth, forth and back, with the win only to be decided in the VERY LAST JAM. Grave Danger captain Carmen Getsome got some 15 points in that last jam, to bring her team on top after 60 minutes. If it was 59 minutes or 61 minutes, it might have been a different story, but that was the game.
Grave Danger over Throttle Rockets: 171-165

The grudge match pitted the Derby Liberation Front against the Sockit Wenches. DLF took the lead early and held it, and the game of how close could the Wenches get. At the last whistle, it was DLF over Sockit Wenches 174-118

Grave Danger: Method of Madness
Throttle Rockets: Missile America
Derby Liberation Front: Ann R. Kissed
Sockit Wenches: Trouble Loves Mimi

Thank you to all of our fans who came out for the home season! But it’s not over yet… The RCRG All-Stars and Rain of Terror have two amazing interleague bouts coming up in June and July!

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June 23: Rat City vs. Bay Area
July 14: Rat City vs. Rose City