Get ready for summer tryouts June 29th!

Credit: Danny Ngan

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become a Rat City Rollergirl? With tryouts around the corner, we have TWO ways for you to get healthy, fit, and ready to show us what you’ve got.

Rollergirl Wellness Clinic

“It’s not if you get hurt, but when…” is a phrase all rollergirls know. Traumatic injuries occur frequently with roller derby, but if you experience pain with non-contact aspects of the sport, your mechanics may be to blame. This five-part class will help you better understand your anatomy and mechanics, teach you corrective exercises, and prevent overuse syndromes that commonly occur with skating. The core, hip/pelvis, knee, foot, and balance/cross training concepts will all be addressed to make you a more balanced, pain-free athlete.


Credit: Danny Ngan

Makin Bacon Camp

Have you been thinking about getting into roller derby? Now is your chance to kick-start your roller derby dreams with Makin’ Bacon, an intensive 4-week camp with the Rat City Rollergirls. Makin’ Bacon precedes Rat City’s summer tryout and it’s a great way to prepare to try out. There are two camps for different ability levels. Our Beginning Skater classes are for new roller skaters–get yourself some gear and skates and come and learn the basics of roller skating and roller derby. The Novice Derby Player classes are for people who’ve been practicing derby for under a year and want to make big gains before tryouts.
Every session has enough coaches to allow for a lot of individual coaching and feedback to help you advance your skills quickly!


For more info on being a Rat City Rollergirl: Rat City Rollergirls Tryouts June 29th.

& for more information to sign up for tryouts go HERE!