February 2010 - Juliet Bravo

“Bravo has worked day and night for bout production, taking on several tasks without knowing the full breadth of what she was getting in to. She made sure that our photos would be correct for Vermin Vision, worked closely with Jon Horton to ensure he’s work with us again and be fairly compensated. Her behind the scenes work is pertinent to our production. Without her efforts – sometimes working for us in the middle of her paid work day – B1 and the rest would look nothing like they did last year. Thanks, Bravo!”

“All her hard work on bout production. She is working really hard along with Kat to make sure the league has a great year at the Key.”

“Bravo’s done tons of behind-the-scenes work to make Bout 1 at the Key a success. She wrangled everyone for photos – a grand feat in itself.”

“Her work on bout production is priceless, we are so lucky to have her.”