February 2011 - Leeloo

What’s the significance of your derby name and number?

[L] It’s lost significance over time and just become my name.  After generating about 40 possible “clever” names I decided to be simple about it. Leeloo in the 5th Element was rather a bad ass (and also hot) so I thought the name would give me something to aspire to…

How did you get started playing roller derby?

[L] I got tickets to a bout after moving to Seattle from Austin (I can’t believe I never heard about it when I lived there!).  I had some Derby Bratz explained the rules to me and I thought “that looks easy, I should do that”.  Tryouts were two weeks later and I was lucky enough to get picked up as a Throttle Rocket “project” skater.  And they I found out that it’s not exactly as easy as it looks  🙂

What is your favorite thing about Rat City?

[L] The determination, skill, and grit of the girls who make it up.

What was the last thing you ate?

[L] Starbursts

What is your favorite off-skates workout?

[L] Obstacle races that include mud.

At noon, a train leaves Seattle for Portland while another train leaves Portland for Seattle. It takes one train 4 hours and the other 7 hours to make the trip. Both maintain constant speeds and travel along parallel tracks. If you were on one of those trains, what kind of refreshing beverage would you be drinking in the dining car?

[L] Either a bottle of Reisling (no, there’s no such thing as a glass of Reisling) or a Tequila Sunrise.