DLF, Grave Danger Win at the Season 8 Opener

If you weren’t at the Key Arena on Saturday night, you missed out on the first bouts of the Rat City Rollergirls Season 8! DLF and Grave Danger ended the night with wins, while the Throttle Rockets and Sockit Wenches will surely be looking to get their first “W” in February.

The opening bout matched up Derby Liberation Front and Throttle Rockets. DLF looked to have carried the momentum from their grudge-match win last July through through the off-season to take the win over the TRs, Season 7’s runners-up. This was a back-and-forth nail-biter for the whole 60 minutes, but DLF sealed it in the last jam for a final of 146-137.

The second bout pitted the 2011 RCRG Champions, Grave Danger, against 2010 RCRG Champions, Sockit Wenches. The Wenches got on the board first with a crowd-pleasing return of powerhouse jammer Anya Heels, but from the second jam onwards, Danger held lead until the last whistle, 136-86 final.

MVPs were awarded to  Derby Liberation Front’s Full Nelson, Throttle Rockets’ MaxMillion, Grave Danger’s Mona Agony, and Sockit Wenches’ Anya Heels.

Also, congratulations to the ten new Rat City skaters who made their Key Arena debut on January 21:
Derby Liberation Front: Chelsey & Full Nelson
Grave Danger: Kutta Betch, Nehi Nightmare & Trouble Dutch
Sockit Wenches: Death by Dollface, Kitty Kabooty & Sun Shiner
Throttle Rockets: Dawn Solo & Panda Beer

Our next bout is Saturday, February 18th, as DLF takes on the Sockit Wenches, and the Throttle Rockets go up against Grave Danger.