Rat City All-Stars roll down to Portland this weekend!!

FOUR of the finest all-star roller derby teams from around the country – the Bay Area Derby Girls, New York’s Gotham Girls Roller Derby, Seattle’s Rat City Rollergirls, and of course, Portland’s own Wheels of Justice battle it out in a three day round robin style tournament!

This will be an upcoming preview of the first round of Western Regionals as Rose City and Rat City will duel for the third time this year, and by far the most important meeting of the two. Who will gain have the upper hand after this weekend? Can Rat City gain a measure of revenge from the May bout or will it be a win for the Purple and Black?

Also the #2 team in the nation, Gotham will be there to get themselves warmed up for their own Regional tournament. Can anyone stop this national powerhouse? Maybe it’s Bay Area, who always proves to be a tough matchup for anyone they face. These teams kick this off first tomorrow!

Then the action continues Saturday and Sunday. Three action packed days of derby. You’ve been warned. For the Rose City Rollers bout preview, check out their website HERE or watch their blog video HERE.

Where can you see this? Live maybe? For tickets and more information go here. If you can’t get to Portland tune into DNN this weekend, starting Friday evening! Don’t miss!

Predictions from our fans? Skaters? Staff? voice them on our forum here!