All-Star Team and Rain of Terror Travel to Portland August 13th

Are you suffering from roller derby withdrawal? Well, join Rat City and travel South on I-5 for a weekend of derby in Portland, OR. The two travel teams from the Rat City Rollergirls, the WFTDA-ranked All-Star Team and the Rain of Terror will be playing along with teams from Boston, Portland, and Everett.

Come catch the action in a double-header on Saturday, August 13th, featuring Portland’s Axles of Annihilation, taking on Seattle’s Rain of Terror, followed by Seattle’s Rat City Rollergirls vs. Boston Derby Dames.  Bout starts at 6:00pm, doors open at 5:00pm.

Check out Rose City Rollers website for more information on the weekend of derby in Portland, and purchase tickets through the Portland Mercury.