All-Star, Rain of Terror bouts April 16th

No, it’s not the end of the world. It’s the beginning of defeat as our Nationally ranked Rat City All-Star team and Rain of Terror, best of the rest, compete against B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls and Denver Roller Dolls, Bruising Altitude on April 16th at the KeyArena, presented by Chinook Book.

First Up

They say April showers bring May flowers, but Seattle’s bring a Rain of Terror as the Rat City Rollergirls “best of the rest” team competes against the Denver Roller Dolls, Bruising Altitude in the first game of the night.

Rain of Terror is the elite B travel team of RCRG and with their rapidly increased skills, ability to play hard and will to win have found them stomping out their competition along the PNW from Alaska to Vancouver to Bremerton in 2011.
Now it’s time to do it on their home turf.

Don’t miss this showdown when the Rain of Terror takes on the Denver Roller Dolls Bruising Altitude.

Best for Last

Rat City Rollergirls ALL-STAR team kicked off the 2011 Season with a 122-66 victory over Detroit in what was an epic show of skill and versatility that comes with the veteran cast of the RCRG ALL-STAR team.  With the addition of some key rookies on this year’s roster, the ALL-STAR team is ready to give B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls a run for their money.

The ALL-STARS played B.A.D in August of 2010 where they lost by a one point deficit (108-107) so you can rest assured this game is going to be one of high intensity, heavy strategy and sheer determination to show San Francisco how Seattle does derby on their home turf.

Both teams are nationally ranked WFTDA teams, with RCRG always finding their spot in the top ten, finishing 5th in WFTDA Western Region and ranking 6th nationally at the end of the 2010 Season.  With rankings fluctuating like the wind in the 2011 Season, this bout will bring together two of the top-rated WFTDA teams on the West Coast.

Rat City All-Stars have a leg-up since they started their season early and are already in high-gear for power rankings. B.A.D starts their 2011 Season on April 16 at the KeyArena as they try to defend against the Rat City ALL-STARS.

You’ve seen what amazing action your home teams provide, now see what the Rat City Rollergirls look like to our National audience as your favorite players Primp Daddy, Kamikaze Kim, Re-Animateher, and Juliet Bravo compete together for our Emerald City!

Tickets are on sale now; buy them before it’s too late!
Saturday, April 16, 2011

Doors at 4:30 pm, opening ceremonies at 5:30 pm.