2009 Wreck-ignition Awards

On January 23, 2010 Rat City Rollergirls celebrated our Season 5 award winners.

See photos of our event by Curious Cynic. Nominees listed for all categories, winners in bold.

Categories and Awards

Derby Liberation Front

#1 Jammer: Meg MyDay, Ann R. Kissed, Ninjit Su, Mexican Fury
#1 Blocker: Ann R. Kissed, Deadly Aim, Skate Trooper, Hideous Braxley
MVP: Ann R. Kissed, Deadly Aim, Drea the Slaya, Meg MyDay

Sockit Wenches

#1 Jammer: Wile E. Peyote, Juliet Bravo, X-Khan, Swede Hurt
#1 Blocker: Anya Heels, Juliet Bravo, Clobberin’ Mame, Sassy Chassis
MVP: Anya Heels, Juliet Bravo, X-Khan, Rebel Belle

Throttle Rockets

#1 Jammer: Valtron, Darth Skater, La Petite Mort, Comet Atcha
#1 Blocker: Darth Skater, Jowanna Ass-Kicking, Billie Boilermaker, Astroglide
MVP:Darth Skater, Valtron, La Petite Mort, Leeloo

Grave Danger

#1 Jammer: Carmen Getsome, Georgia O’Grief, Killer Bee-otch, Katarina Whip
#1 Blocker: Sheeza Brickhouse, Katarina Whip, Georgia O’Grief, Carmen Getsome
MVP: Carmen Getsome, Katarina Whip, Sheeza Brickhouse, Georgia O’Grief

League All-Stars

#1 Jammer: Meg MyDay, Carmen Getsome, Valtron, Juliet Bravo
#1 Blocker: Anya Heels, Juliet Bravo, Carmen Getsome, Ann R. Kissed
MVP: Carmen Getsome, Anya Heels, Juliet Bravo, Katarina Whip

Best of the BOX: Ann R. Kissed, Skate Trooper, Carmen Getsome, Shovey Chase, Scarlet Leather
Rookie of the Year: Sheeza Brickhouse, Swede Hurt, Ima Handful, Grim Chi
Most Improved: Foxy Throwdown, Ima Handful, Sara Problem?, Drea the Slaya
Most intimidating: Anya Heels, Carmen Getsome, Georgia O’Grief, Ann R. Kissed

Hottest Legs: Hideous Braxley, Drea the Slaya, Swede Hurt, Summer Assault
Most Smackable Ass: Juliet Bravo, Seraphina Scorcher, X-Khan, Grim Chi
Best Bosom: Sheeza Brickhouse, Foxy Throwdown, Deetroit, Star Struck

Most Underrated: Deetroit, La Petite Mort, Swede Hurt, Cassassin
Miss Congeniality: Katarina Whip, Anya Heels, Ima Handful, Sassy Chassis
Nastiest Gear: Libby Raider, Billie Boilermaker, Slutnik, Leeloo

Referees and Non-Skating Officials

Ref we hate the least: Mr. RAWK, Curtis E. Lay, Seymore Carnage, Mae Kim Beg
Volunteer of the year: Jules Doyle (Axle Adams), Jason (Megatron), Chris White, Andres Amador
NSO of the year: Lexi Luthor, Texie, IGore, Marki Markitup